Plant + Tree Sourcing Services

Our company is known for procuring the best quality plants and trees, from majestic specimen trees to obscure perennials. In fact, we employ full time plant buyers, who have studied horticulture and can ID hundreds if not thousands of plants on sight.

We partner with wholesale nurseries, boutique retailers, and independent specialty growers all over the west coast to source the best quality plants for your landscape project.

If a particular plant is not readily available in the marketplace, we often propagate our own plants at our private nursery grounds on the peninsula.

Our Process

We love plants!

Our plant buying team is deeply knowledgeable of a broad range of plant palettes including:

  • California Natives

  • Australian, New Zealand, South African and Mediterranean plants

  • Conifers

  • Hardy Evergreen

  • Many, many more!

We understand that each unique color and texture impacts the overall experience of the garden. As a result, we make a focused effort to find the exact plants our Designers and homeowners are looking for. Our buyers frequent the many great wholesale nurseries around the Bay Area to hand select your plants.